Continuing Education Improves Your Employment Marketability

With the current employment environment being so stressed, it is imperative that you take action to improve your marketability. For most people, times are tough and money may be tight. However there are some relatively inexpensive continuing education options available for enhancing or improving your skills and knowledge. Local community colleges are one way I […]

How To Grow Your Business Development Capability

When you are a small business or a brand new department in a larger company, you might start as one person who is responsible for winning government contracts. This is not a problem-you can join the ranks of many who have started at one point or another and are still the only one writing proposals, […]

Get Ahead, Tips For Career Advancement

What is the magic formula for getting ahead? What can I do to accelerate my career advancement? What should I do to get noticed and promoted? These are common questions, and the secret to unlock potential for career advancement is nearly as common. A few tips to get ahead: Apply Yourself A great idea alone […]

Fire Strategies For Online Course Success

Selecting a college and registering for a course of choice is just step1. But since online courses have no class room attendance or compulsory schedules the success of the course depends on your being focused and determined to achieve your end goals. To succeed you need determination and discipline. You can succeed if you plan […]

Employment Contractors, Temporary Help

Middle managers who get the ax often discover their kind of full time jobs have vanished. That’s why employment contractors, providing temporary help to corporations, are great venues for you to consider. You probably lost your job — especially if you’re in middle management — because over the years, companies have been shrinking to about […]

Getting A High Paying Job In Iraq Or Afghanistan Making $4000 A Week

Why get a job in a War Zone? Some people make 4k a week and some make even more. The first $87,600 is Tax free if you out of the country for 330 days out of 365. You make high pay, because you work 72 hours or more a week and there is the Hazard […]

Finding A Job

With the current global recession, finding a job has never been more difficult. As the job market shrinks, competition between prospective employees has become fierce. If you want to land the perfect occupation, you need more than just a bit of good luck. Employment experts agree that there are certain steps that make finding a […]

Many Choices In Respiratory Therapist Online Schools

Online learning can be a great asset in many fields of education, enabling students to learn while they are working. Since many people are not able to stop working long enough to attend schooling to further their careers, or change professions, distance learning can provide a feasible option so that advancement is possible. With regard […]

Grow Your Recruitment And Staffing Company With Employee Retention

In today’s labour market, increasingly employers are recognizing the need to focus on employee retention. Many industry experts have estimated the cost of hiring an employee at 150% to 200% their annual salary. Ironically recruitment and placement agencies are not immune to the pressures in the current job market. Despite this increasing focus on retention, […]

Customer Trust And Loyalty

Customer trust is a precondition for prosperity. Yet, most businesses… o Act as if customer trust develops because the business believes it is honest. o Build only a shallow type of trust that does not lead to profitable relationships and loyalty. o Have no strategy to build the type of trust where customers increasingly value […]